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Domestic Tree Work Services

Our skilled and experienced tree surgeons in Nottingham complete all jobs to the strictest of standards and provides competitively priced tree surgery services throughout all areas of Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas of the East Midlands. Our tree surgeons conduct all work safely and efficiently, the details of which are below:

Tree Felling (Tree Removal)

In our working environments this is normally done by dismantling a section of the tree at a time. The trees are taken down as near as possible to ground level or alternatively, may be left as a high stump for the benefit of wildlife. More information about tree felling.

Crown Cleaning

Removing dead or defective branches, or branches that have grown across one another. This is usually necessary for safety reasons. More information about crown cleaning.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is a decrease in the extent of the crown spread, carried out sensitively to retain an attractive shape. (Usually expressed in percentage terms by our tree surgeons in Nottingham). More information about crown reduction.

Crown Thinning

Removing branches from the crown of a tree without reducing the height or the spread. More information about crown thinning.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches to allow room beneath the tree for passing vehicles and pedestrians etc. (Usually expressed in metres from ground level). This will prevent the tree from becoming too dense, stopping the tree from casting too much shade and is a useful method for allowing more daylight into nearby properties whilst retaining the tree’s size. More information about crown lifting.

Tree Re-shaping

Pruning a tree or shrub sympathetically to return it to an aesthetically pleasing shape. This is usually necessary when a tree has not been maintained for some time or has been pruned incorrectly in the past. More information about tree re-shaping.

Dead Wooding

The removal, for safety reasons, of any dead wood from the tree’s crown. Deadwood can soon be dislodged in the wind and can cause damage or injury. More information about dead wooding.

Grubbing Out

Digging out woody vegetation without the use of machine. Normally done for small tasks or when lack of space prevents the use of a stump grinder. More information about grubbing out.

Site Clearance

Completely removing all woody vegetation from a plot of land. More information about site clearance.

Hedge Cutting

Trimming off and removing new growth from the hedge, using petrol hedge trimmers to leave a neat edge. More information about hedge cutting.

Wood Chipping

We process smaller tree waste through a wood chipper. The wood chips are directed straight into our vehicle where we take it away. Alternatively, we can leave them in a pile for your own use on request. We can also chip up tree waste that you have created. More information about wood chipping.

Tree Pollarding

This method is often used for street situated trees, or trees in a confined area. It involves the removal of branches at a given height. The tree is unsightly until foliage re-grows from the branch stubs. The sprouting foliage develops into a new dense, but weaker branch system. Pollarding must be carried out regularly for safety reasons and to maintain the tree to the desired size. More information about tree pollarding.

Tree Stump Grinding

Mechanically removing a tree stump so that the ground can be re-used. This involves the use of a stump grinder (a portable power tool) that chips away at the wood to 30-45cm below ground level, using a rotating cutting disk. More information about stump grinding.

Vegetation Management

We offer a vegetation management service across the East Midlands and the rest of the UK. Working to support a broad range of industries, we provide vegetation management solutions to commercial organisations, councils and local authorities as well as rail track operators.

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